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Android on eavesdropping

Tuesday, 6 December 2011, 15:44 | Gadget | 0 Comment | 1244 Views
by vikki-kun

If we look the definition of “eavesdropping” via Wikipedia “Eavesdropping is the act of secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent“. Researchers from North Carolina State University have confirmed that Android smartphones are vulnerable to external hackers. Discovered a security breach can not only listen in on calls, but also reveals the exact location of the user and the data sent by them.

Potentially spy application possibilities Carrier IQ showed how weak and vulnerable to manipulation environment is a mobile phone operating system. It turns out that it was not detected because the end of yet another vulnerability that allows a hacker managed by the Android smartphones.

Android on eavesdropping

Google and Motorola have confirmed the existence of the problem and promising the fastest possible patching dangerous vulnerabilities. Other companies involved in the smartphone market with Android, including HTC and Samsung, as yet acquired the water in the mouth.

Scientists have created a special diagnostic application called Woodpecker, which detects the amount of system security vulnerabilities present on the smartphone. Most owners should be concerned about the HTC EVO 4G, which is up to 8 functions proved to be sensitive to external attacks. The HTC Legend Woodpecker counted six holes, the Samsung 4G Epic three, and in Google smartphones – Nexus One and Nexus S – one.

Abnormality is detected only when controlled by Android handsets. Owners of smartphones with other systems, this time may be quiet

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