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Change IMEI iPhone 4

Thursday, 24 November 2011, 23:40 | How To | 4 Comments | 29011 Views
by vikki-kun

Can i change IMEI iPhone 4 ? if you want it you should read this how to change IMEI iPhone 4. An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a code 15 or 17 digits used to identify your cell phone or smartphone on the Web This code is very important for the safety of the device and that those users that has been stolen phone can call your service provider and have it disabled by the simple act of providing them the code. With the help of ZiPhone software, users who seek to change their IMEI number may do so. Here’s a brief guide on how to change IMEI iPhone 4.

Change IMEI iPhone 4 step by step with ZiPhone:

Change IMEI iPhone 4

First of all your iPhone should be on and connected to your computer

Step 1. Download and install the software ZiPhone 

Change IMEI iPhone 4: Download ZiPhone for mac .

Change IMEI iPhone 4: Download ZiPhone for windows

Step 2. Click the “Start” button in Windows, open the program command “Run” and type “cmd” without quotes.

Step 3. Type “cd Desktop / ZiPhone” (without quotes) into the search

field and press “Enter”.

Step 4. Put the iPhone in restore mode. Press both the Sleep/Wake and Power buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo, then release only the Sleep/Wake. Continue pressing the “Off / On” until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the screen.

iPhone restore mode

Step 5. Type “Ziphone-u-ia 123456789012345″ without the quotes (replace the numbers with the new IMEI ) into the command prompt.

 Wait for the program to locate the file zibri.dat. Your iPhone 4 will automatically restart and begin using the new IMEI.

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4 responses to "Change IMEI iPhone 4"

  1. Puto says:

    Not Work is only for iphone 2g

  2. Pinche Post Viejo says:

    es viejo el pinche post aunke lo pongan en nov del 11, es para iphones 2g,
    no jala!

  3. grau says:

    I get the following error: no error usbmuxlistenercreate

    some solution?

  4. Fabrizio says:

    Can be carried out on any Iphone 4? Even in those Italians?

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