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iPhone 5 specs , preview and release date

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by vikki-kun

Apple IPhone is one of the magnificent inventions in the history of technology so far. Actually it’s a smart phone having all the features of a mobile phone along with a device known as personal digital assistant. It is composed of features like multimedia, internet, high resolution touch screen, camera, music /video player and web browser.

So far five models of iPhone have been released including, iPhone (original), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 ,iPhone 4GS . It’s time for i Phone 5 to be launched now.

iPhone 5 preview

iPhone 5 preview is given here that tell you all about it.

iPhone 5 release date

Although there are many rumors about Apple iPhone 5 release date, but it is expected to be launched from late October 2012 .

It is said that iPhone 5 specifications and features would be quite striking. Although Apple has not given much information about I phone 5, but rumors say it all.

iPhone 5 specs and features :

  • iPhone 5 would be much thinner and slimmer have a large display as compared to iPhone 4. Its screen would have resistance to smash and scratch
  • The operating system of iPhone 5 is going to be iOS 5.
  • The greatest feature is that iPhone 5  supports 8 mega pixel camera and an advanced battery backup system.
  • Those of you who are concerned with data storage will be delighted to know that iPhone 5 comes with immense storage capacity. (32 GB and 64 GB) and 1 GB RAM.
  • It also has the capability to support video chat known as Face Talk.
  • It has one of the latest security features like Face Recognition System in it.
iphone 5 preview and specs picture

iPhone 5 color

Apple always introduces a new iphone in black which is considered its real color and later on after the customers feedback it will launch white iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 price

It has been contemplated that iPhone 5 price would be around $500 to $850. Iphone series has brought a revolution in the mobile phone sector and iPhone 5 is one of the latest versions available for you to try. As the iPhone 5 preview reveals, it has one of the top craved hand set that has ever emerged.

iPhone 5 concept

The iPhone 5 concept is quite amazing, and it is also called as curved iPhone 5.The idea of iPhone 5 concept has been taken from Apple Magic Mouse and it has been implemented into its design. Its back surface is curved like the surface of the magic mouse. Though it looks quite stylish but it is believed that is not much practical.

iphone 5 concept picture

iPhone 4 Vs iPhone 5

IPhone 4 Vs IPhone 5: Many people were wondering about the differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, which is considered as one of the top quality smart phones on the market. iPhone 5 has the most wonderful and striking features. Its design is quite similar to iPhone 4 but has two main differences.

  • The new iPhone 5 is made up of aluminum and finally went to plastic glass.
  • The new iPhone 5  also has dual-core processor which iPhone 4 did not have.

Overall, it’s an amazing smart phone that anyone would love to have.

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