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Tutorial:How to Create a Free U.S. iTunes Account ID (English version)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 8:25 | How To, SmartPhone Apps | 0 Comment | 3132 Views
by vikki-kun

You have a Mac but you have no way to get an Apple ID ! Don’t cry and read the following details to make iTunes account. (Indonesian version)

1. Open iTunes.

2. Look at the bottom of the iTunes home screen, there is an option for state, select U.S. (United States).

3. Choose one of the free application of TOP FREE APPS  frame on the right. (for example uses the Facebook application is free).

4. Then click the GET APP.

5. Small window will appear as below:

 Free U.S. iTunes Account ID tutorial

6. Choose Create New Account

7. Welcome screen will appear, just click Continue.

8. Then you will see Terms and Conditions (Terms of the iTunes service), click on this section:

itunes agreement

and then click Continue.

9. In this section, we will fill the data that will be used for making iTunes Store account, the (email address must be valid), and click Continue.

10. In this section will appear Payment Method window , be sure to select None.

 payment-method itunes

11. Enter the address as if you live in the United States. No matter what. (Obtainable from the forums area.)
- Greeting = M.
- Name = Big
- Name = boss
- Address = Kaskus
- City = Seattle
- State = WA
Zip Code = 98005 -
Telephone code = 421 = 6543216 Telephone -Click Continue.

12. Check your account. Click Done.
13. Open the mail and see an email from Apple, it will be more or less like this:

apple-itunes create id mail

14. iTunes will ask you to sign in to account that we just created. Click the link

15. Congratulation Screen will then appear, click Done to enter theAppStore homepage.

16. Completed.

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